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Class A – Trainer

Being a Class A Trainer means you can train other people to become Class A or Class A+ Spotters. Trainers, however, can NOT sign off any of these instructor ratings. The instructors you train will have to pass an official test supervised by an Examiner or Chief Examiner of the Organization, who will then sign them off.

To become a Class A Trainer:

  1. You have to be signed off for all Spotter and Flyer ratings over a consolidation period
  2. You should be seen over a period of time to continually use the correct techniques in all aspects of your work
  3. You should show a high level of understanding of all the Organization’s manuals, and be able to demonstrate and explain all aspects of the Class A and Class A+ Spotter syllabus
  4. You must display a correct attitude towards training other people
  5. You must always practice what you are expected to preach – to maintain the Organization’s high standards of safety and best practice techniques, the use and/or teaching of your “own techniques” is unacceptable

To get a Class A Trainer rating, you have to competently run a Class A and Class A+ Spotter course under the supervision of a (Chief) Examiner who can then sign you off, if your teaching skills and spotting techniques are considered to be up to standard. Once rated, you will be able to run Class A and Class A+ Spotter courses independently.