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About us

Tunnel Instructor.com is a not for profit organization, set up to make tunnel flying a safer and more enjoyable sport.

Founded originally by Bodyflight Bedford as a training programme for its staff, it became apparent that the sport we love was in need of standards shared across facilities in the industry. Since we have grown and developed our training material with the aid input from top instructors from many of our partner facilities.

Our material is based on our shared best practice techniques. Feedback from our partners and members is crucial to ensure that we keep at the leading edge of flying skill and safe methods.

We operate this website and offer our materials free of charge. We do not warrant that our methods will meet your needs! This is for you to decide. We do however believe these flying methods are the best available for our own and partner facilities…. so maybe for you also.

Huge thanks for their massive contributions have to go to our members Alberto Fuertes, Brendan O’Rafferty, Paul Mayer and Lou David.

Should you want to support us with a registration, we will list your training status and you can get our ratings patches and t-shirts etc. NOTE – All registration funds go into making services and products for our instructor base only.