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Class A+ Flying with Flyers

Class A+  Flying with Flyers:  pp. 81 – 92 of The Tunnel Book

Solo Drills:

  1. Belly to stand and back to belly
  2. Knee to net drills alternating legs
  3. Descending knee drills alternating legs
  4. Descending knee drills both knees together
  5. Knee turns and side slides
  6. Wall kick drills
  7. Stand ups on the wall either side
  8. Walking on the wall
  9. Forwards and backwards alternative methods

Flying with Flyers:

  1. The instructor should NEVER get above the flyer or release the upper shoulder grip
  2. Upper and lower grip
  3. Perform stand to belly drills, and back to stand while in control of the flyer
  4. Controlling the flyer up and down
  5. Controlling the flyer’s side slide
  6. Controlling the flyer forwards and backwards
  7. Going up and down with the flyer by changing his body position as well as your own
  8. Use flyer’s momentum to avoid strike
  9. Stand ups on the wall with a rolling flyer
  10. Wall kick drills with a flyer


  1. Pushing the flyer to his back through the legs
  2. Pushing the flyer to his back through the head
  3. Saving an out of control spin by rolling the flyer onto his back

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