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Are there any training courses near me?

Most tunnels offer time and training to suit your needs. We do not train directly but our members do!

Just lookup your nearest tunnel and contact the tunnel or Instructors listed

How do I become an Instructor?

Whether or not you work at a wind tunnel, anyone can take part in training to learn instructor and flying skills. As an organization we do no run training courses directly.

To find a location and Trainer or Examiner to help you learn – browse through the partner wind tunnels on this site to find a suitable location for you.
Each tunnel has listed trainers and examiners that can help you. Just message them directly.

Typically instructor training takes at least 10 hours of air time, its a tough program but the rewards are great.

If you require additional details to this then use our contact form.

How do I get our Wind Tunnel listed on this site?

If you use the TI training materials for your team, we are happy to list you here and offer the benefits of association.

We also operate a Partner Program to tunnels which has many benefits, such as Health and Safety consultation, Instructor assessments, Incident and Safety bulletins, Training networking etc. For details of our partner program or to get listed on this site – Just message us using our contact form.

I am an IBA instructor – how can I get TI rated?

The IBA and TI offer similar training methods and structures, there are however some differences.

In general, IBA rated instructors do not need to perform alot of training to become TI Certified, however you will need to demonstrate your skills and knowledge of the TI training materials to a TI Rated Examiner to be signed off.

Contact any TI Examiner and they can help you arrange an assessment session and get you rated.

I have registered as an instructor – how do I get my ratings listed?

Congratulations on passing your training course!

Now that you have registered as an instructor you can edit your profile pages and use the features within this site to help you train further and assist your tunnel.

To get your ratings listed – the examiner that certified you can now login and update your skills. Ask them to do this for you, anytime you achieve additional ratings these can be added at time of certification.