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Class A – Spotter

Class A Spotter:  pp. 37 – 79 of The Tunnel Book

Part 1


  1. Forwards
  2. Backwards
  3. Sideways
  4. Inface carving
  5. Outface carving
  6. Inface and outface
  7. On the spot switch
  8. Pylons
  9. Rotating in place
  10. Rotating in the direction of movement
  11. Practice drills

Stability Drills:

  1. Range of motion
  2. Kneeling to fix the net
  3. Non-contact stability drill
  4. Contact stability drill

Clean air awareness:

  1. Following the flyer
  2. Passing under the flyer centre point
  3. Passing under the flyer centre point with movement
  4. Passing under the flyer supporting the legs

Primary and Secondary grips:

  1. Moving the flyer to the centre of the tunnel
  2. Picking the flyer up from the net
  3. Flyer moving to the wall
  4. Instructor being pushed into the wall
  5. Stopping the flyer from rolling over at the wall


  1. Hip to hip
  2. Hip to hip using hand signals
  3. Hip to hip using the wall
  4. Peeling the flyer off the wall waist height
  5. Peeling the flyer off the wall descending flyer
  6. Peeling the flyer off the wall switch towards the head
  7. Hook and block
  8. Working around the body
  9. Rolling the flyer around – static
  10. Rolling the flyer around – changing place
  11. Rolling the flyer around – heading change
  12. Pop-up hybrid
  13. Descending the flyer with hand signals
  14. Descending the flyer with a burble
  15. Cross control
  16. Instructor on the net
  17. In front of the student

Student entries and exit:

  1. Normal entry
  2. In controllability
  3. In controllability with the help of the wall
  4. Normal exit
  5. Back sliding


Part 2

Recovering the Flyer:

  1. Recovering the flyer from his back
  2. Recovering the flyer from a kneeling position
  3. Back tracking through the centre
  4. Back tracking against the wall

Back spots:

  1. In the middle of the tunnel
  2. Against the wall
  3. Forward drive
  4. Backward drive
  5. Spinning

Stand up spots:

  1. Student standing up on the net
  2. Hips to the centre
  3. Hips angled

Head down spots:

  1. Rolling on the wall
  2. Coming off the wall
  3. Coming down the wall inface
  4. Coming down the wall outface
  5. Static
  6. Back flip in the middle of the tunnel
  7. Front flip in the middle of the tunnel
  8. Head down exit

Mix up Skydivers:

  1. Normal entry
  2. Assisted entry
  3. Forward drive entry
  4. Flyer jumping up
  5. Popping up in the door frame
  6. Flyer not prepared
  7. Instructor between flyers
  8. Recovering unstable flyer
  9. Recovering flyer whilst obstructed
  10. Protecting unstable flyer
  11. Controlling flyers
  12. Normal exit
  13. Assisted exit
  14. Head down exit