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Johann Forethier

Registered as flyer


Country: France

Home Tunnel: Windoor Realfly

Examiner: Vojta Fikar

Trainer: Greg Crozier


2200 jumps 100 hours of tunnel France Freefly double National Bronze Medalist Weembinamic VFS Winner Dynamic 2 way competitor French HU & HD sequential record holder Freefly coach / Indoor VFS & Dynamic coach

Current Rank: Flyer

  • Belly Flying (Static Skills)
  • Back Flying
  • Class A Flyer (static) transitions
  • Head up flying (Dynamic Skills)
  • Head Down Carving
  • Head up and head down carving
  • Transitions (flips)
  • Sit Flying (Static)
  • Head Down Flying
  • Class B Flyer (static) transitions
  • Head Up Flying (Dynamic)
  • Head Down
  • Head up and Head down
  • Transitions (flips)