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Thomas Danieli

Registered as instructor


Country: France

Home Tunnel: Windoor Realfly

Examiner: Joshua ODonoghue

Trainer: Joel O'Donoghue


Hello. I've been traveling the world as kite instructor, after recycling my self into skydiving my first aim is to become a full fledged tunnel instructor to help myself get the best technique for flying while sharing the knowledge of this sport that we do with passion.

Current Rank:

(Class A Spotter)
  • Class A Flyer - Static
  • Class A Flyer - Dynamic
  • Class B Flyer - Dynamic
  • Class B Flyer - Static
  • Net Walking
  • Stability Drills
  • Clean Air Awareness
  • Primary and Secondary Grips
  • Controllability
  • Student Entries and Exits
  • Recovering the Flyer
  • Back Spots
  • Stand up Spots
  • Head Down Spots
  • Mix Up for Skydivers
  • Solo Drills
  • Flying with Flyers
  • Taxifly Spots