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Gregory DiFortuna

Registered as instructor


Country: United States

Home Tunnel: Madrid Fly

Examiner: Brendan O'Rafferty

Trainer: Alberto Fuertes


Currently the chief instructor at Aerodium Slovenia and owner of FlyingFish BodyFlight. 5 years of tunnel instructing experience ranging from first timers, skydivers, acrobats, people with disabilities and military operations. I have flown in over 27 different tunnels, helped with openings of 2 and trained under some of the most respected names in the business. The goal for me is to be a safe and accurate instructor and to train my staff and future instructors to do the same.

Current Rank: Flyer

  • Class A Flyer - Static
  • Class A Flyer - Dynamic
  • Class B Flyer - Dynamic
  • Class B Flyer - Static