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Francisco Filipe

Registered as flyer


Country: Portugal

Home Tunnel: Madrid Fly

Examiner: Vojta Zohan Fikar

Trainer: Vojta Zohan Fikar


Francisco aka Frankie is a skilled Mechanical Engineer from fluid mechanics and aerodynamics field with experience in Mechanical Design Engineering. He is also USPA AFF Instructor and Coach with around 7 years of experience and more than 3000 skydives at several skydive companies. Peculiar interest for extreme sports which require high concentration levels, mental and physical balance with high adrenaline levels.

Current Rank: Flyer

  • Belly Flying (Static Skills)
  • Back Flying
  • Class A Flyer (static) transitions
  • Head up flying (Dynamic Skills)
  • Head Down Carving
  • Head up and head down carving
  • Transitions (flips)
  • Sit Flying (Static)
  • Head Down Flying
  • Class B Flyer (static) transitions
  • Head Up Flying (Dynamic)
  • Head Down
  • Head up and Head down
  • Transitions (flips)