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Danny Olsen

Registered as instructor


Country: Denmark

Home Tunnel: Copenhagen Air Experience

Examiner: Axel Salomonsson

Trainer: Axel Salomonsson


Danny from Denmark - born 1980. Has been working in windtunnels since 2012. Currently acting as chief instructor at Copenhagen Air Experience. I have been coaching a some hundred hours and still enjoy it. I have been skydiving since 2004 and have around 2200 skydives. My new full time job allows me to act as freelance instructor for approx. 4 weeks at the time.

Current Rank:

(Class A : B Spotter)
  • Class A Flyer - Static
  • Class A Flyer - Dynamic
  • Class B Flyer - Dynamic
  • Class B Flyer - Static
  • Net Walking
  • Stability Drills
  • Clean Air Awareness
  • Primary and Secondary Grips
  • Controllability
  • Student Entries and Exits
  • Recovering the Flyer
  • Back Spots
  • Stand up Spots
  • Head Down Spots
  • Mix Up for Skydivers
  • Solo Drills
  • Flying with Flyers
  • Taxifly Spots
  • Spotting Class A Flyer - Dynamic Skills
  • Spotting Class B Flyer - Static Skills
  • Spotting Class B Flyer - Dynamic Skills